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We use autopen machines with real pen and ink personalization to drive results through mail correspondence to achieve the highest response rates in most every industry.

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Making It Personal

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We have over 30 years of experience in the handwritten mail industry, which tops our closest competitors by a decade or two, so whether you want to buy or lease an autopen machine, have our production house produce a 500,000-piece mailing or want to send out a few hundred notes for lead generation, we have the branded solution to make you successful.

Sale and Leasing of Autopen Machines

Large-Scale Handwritten Direct Mail

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What Our Clients Say


“A great and easy way to send handwritten notes. . .They use real pens, real handwriting machines to write your message. . . I highly recommend them”

Brandon Beard

Executive Pastor, Compass Church

Pioneer Direct Marketing

“200% to 300% Increase in response rate on their handwritten mailers. . .We got over 750 new customers to our lot over the weekend… You’d be crazy not do try it.”

Rick Kyle

Oxmoor Autogroup

Pen Point Technologies

“I removed myself from the clutter and got that all important 1st meeting. . .What better way to establish credibility than through a handwritten note. . .I highly recommend their autopen machines.”

Shelby Schott

Healthcare Executive

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Wow… I just used PFTLeads.com for automated, HANDWRITTEN notes/cards that you can use for customers, colleagues, friends, or family. To be clear this is NOT printed notes made to look handwritten… It’s LITERALLY a robot holding an actual pen… The results have been FANTASTIC.”

Jame Healy,

Business Development Officer

The Numbers Behind Making It Personal.

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response rate increase for handwritten mail when compared to conventional inkjet/laser mail.
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Industries That Use Our Handwriting Service

Real Estate
Non Profit
Lead Generation
Home Repair

Some of Our Case Studies

Tiger Home Improvement

Industry: Roofing Company
New Roof Prospecting


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Renewal by Andersen

Industry: Window Replacement
Window Replacement Offer


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Louisville, KY
Industry: Insurance
Auto, Home, and Umbrella


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What Can We Do For You

The Power Behind

Making It Personal

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